I remember listening to a pastor explaining that he was not a shepherd. He stated that Jesus was the True Shepherd, the Good Shepherd, the Only Shepherd. He then went on to say that he considered himself to be the Shepherd’s dog. The Shepherd Dog watches over the sheep, protects them and guides them in the way of the Shepherd. This image has always stayed with me. Back in Scotland where I grew up, shepherd dogs were called collies. For the past fifty odd years, I’ve either been preparing to be a pastor or actually being one. So I thought it appropriate to name this blog, “godscollie”. I don’t know if you have ever watched a border collie herding the sheep. The shepherd communicates with the dog by different types of whistles or commands. The dog really has to watch and listen to the shepherd very carefully. So this first blog is as much to my self as anyone else, be they pastor or not. I must watch and listen to the Master very carefully; because the sheep belong to Him and to no one else. The Shepherd gives the commands; the shepherd dog carries them out with devotion.


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